Who We Are

AXORA INTERNATIONAL LTD is a learning resource company with a vibrant book publishing and marketing operation. It was founded to realize a unique vision of helping Nigerian children excel in their academic pursuit.

We work with schools, teachers, students, parents, authors, ministries of education, alumni associations, religious organizations, non-governmental organizations, corporate bodies and other stakeholders to support quality teaching and learning.

We produce and distribute top-quality curriculum and non-curriculum resources. We believe that in the age of globalization, children are not just competing with their class mates; they are competing with the best all over the world. We must therefore bring out the best in Nigerian children by serving them a healthy blend of Nigerian and non-Nigerian content.

We are also experts at editing and publishing storybooks, school / academic Books, biographies / autobiographies, illustrated corporate histories, books of tribute, and lots more.

We do all these at AXORA. Wouldn’t you like to do business with us?

Our Services

We are experts at editing and publishing:

  • Storybooks
  • School / Academic Books
  • Biographies / Autobiographies
  • Illustrated Corporate Histories
  • Books of Tribute

Let’s help you through the process of producing any of these materials. We may it seem easy.

Our Partners